Libyen krigens omkostninger- artikler om fejlbombninger, overgreb og andre følger

Human Rights Watch on Civilian casualties from the NATO air campaign in Libya:


Human Rights Watch  World Report 2012: Libya


An on-the-ground examination by The New York Times of sites across Libya that were the targets of NATO airstrikes found evidence that the air campaign was not as flawless as NATO has described. The Times found credible accounts of dozens of civilians killed in several distinct attacks, of an attack on rebels and an ambulance that NATO explicitly denied, and of structures that seem to have been hit by mistake.
In Strikes on Libya by NATO, an Unspoken Civilian Toll



The data collection was completed in October 2013. 2,692 household interviews were included in the national survey.

Every fth household responded to having a family member disappeared, 11% reported having a household member arrested and 5% reported one killed. Of those arrested, 46% reported beatings, 20% positional torture or suspensions, 16% su ocation and from 3 to 5% reported having su ered sexual, thermal or electrical torture. In short our data support the allegations that widespread human rights violations and gross human rights violations have taken place in Libya.

British Lawmakers Condemn 2011 Intervention in Libya